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How to use.

  1. Use your hand or tools like forceps to remove the plastic cork out gently.
  2. Put as mana reed as you want in the vessel and let the oil evaporates slowly.
  3. Keep it away from the reach of small hands and paws.
  4. Avoid any direct sunlight and open flame. 

I don't think it smells good when I used it.

Diffuser may change direction due to location and environmental factors. You can feel better if you place it in a safe place that's not too high. The lead stick can be dry due to temperature, wind, humidity, etc. If you place the diffuser around the window, the lead stick will dry out quickly due to UV rays and wind effects, and the effect of the wind will weaken your sense of direction. Also, if the diffuser is placed in the bathroom, high humidity may cause the echolocation to decrease due to contact with moisture. 

Can I make it to smell better?

For a stronger scent, we recommend you increase the number of lead sticks in use or replace them. Turn the lead stick upside down once every three to four weeks, as the hole in the lead stick may be clogged by a diffuser solution during use. Diffuser can also smell better in dry environments than in humid environments, so depending on the environment in which you place the product, there may be a difference in the direction of the product. 

The color of diffuser liquid is changed?

Transparent liquid is changed to blurry sometimes after exposing to the moisture especially in rainy season with high humidity. It is recommended to store it in dry place.

I accidentally got the diffuser solution on my skin. Is this okay?

Diffusion agents are a big part of the diffuser solution Diffusion agents fly away with moisture remaining on the skin, which can cause white dryness. If you get it on your skin, wipe it with a tissue first and clean it under running water. Depending on the type of skin, it is recommended that you avoid contact with the skin as much as possible. Please consult a doctor immediately if there is any problem with long-term exposure.

Do I have to ventilate during use? 

Concordor diffusers should not be used in air fresheners made from proven raw materials alone or in confined spaces for long periods of time, but should be ventilated periodically to allow fresh air to flow.

Can I use it with children, the elderly, or pets?

Diffuser is a product that can be placed inside a house or in a place where people can congregate for a pleasant space. Cocodor diffusers are not legally subject to child protection packaging, but please keep them out of reach of children, the elderly or pets and be careful not to drink them.

There's a diffuser solution on the leather.

If the diffuser solution is applied to leather, wood, plastic, or clothing during use, wipe with a cloth or tissue immediately. This may cause discoloration, discoloration or damage, so please be aware of the use


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