Since most of the well-known diffuser brands are expensive, not everyone could enjoy diffuser products of top qualities. So, we started with the mission – let everyone enjoy beautiful fragrances. Our company has decided to produce our own fragrances with our ample experiences so that everyone enjoy high quality diffuses at more reasonable prices. Because our company not only manufactures but also distributes, we oversee the end to end process to ensure that our customer receives the high-quality product at reasonable prices.

As a pioneer of the Korean fragrance market, we have faced numerous challenges along the way. Our company, however, never stopped investing on R&D to deliver the top-quality fragrances to our customers. Our passion led to customer satisfaction, and Cocodor has become one of the most trusted fragrance brands.

We will not stop here. We will continuously endeavor to enrich the lives of the people with our beautiful fragrances.


Cocodor, founded in 2002, has gained wide spread recognition for our outstanding specialty in diffusers and candles in Asia. Since we have launched ‘Cocodor Diffuser’ with the top-quality and reasonable price, Cocodor has been beloved by many people.

The best fragrance

With a vision to produce our own fragrances, we conduct research and develop fragrances. We have our own R&D center for our fragrances, and have been producing environment-friendly and harmless fragrances. Now, we supply our fragrances all over the world. Our world-class reputation is becoming more prominent as customers see the value in our products and trust our quality. We invite you to experience it too.

The best price

To provide beautiful fragrances at reasonable prices, our company manages the end to end process from manufacturing to distributing. We also have made partnership with prominent ingredient companies across the world to have more competitive prices. As such, we have invested to provide reasonable prices for our products with a long-term perspective.

The best services

It may not seem easy to deliver our various fragrances to customers at the right place in short time. Our company, however, manages this to perfection to increase our customer’s satisfaction with our cutting-edge technology. We are always ready to process our customer’s request and solve their challenges. We have resources to design and produce products according to our customers’ schedule and needs. We produce OEM, ODM for major retail companies in Korea, Asia, Europe, America, etc.