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Free shipping on all orders over $50 in US

Room and Linen Spray Bundle / 16.9oz / 2 Pack [Build Your Own]

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Anti-static - Certified by testing Institution
Removes 99% of body odors
Naturally derived ingredients
Natural persimmon, Green Tea Extract
Strong, long-lasting fragrance - 24-hour lasting fragrance


[Baby Powder]
Lovely light powdery scent fills up the empty space. Slowly letting out your stress and tiredness. Feels like resting peacefully on the cloud.
[Cherry Blossom]
The scent of cherry blossoms in spring. The scent of pink peach and rose added with a pink fruit, reminding you of cherry blossoms blooming brightly.
[Clean Cotton]
With the warm sunshine illuminates the ground and the refreshing breeze blowing the dry laundry. Feel the gentle floral refreshing fragrance as the beginning of the warm spring.
[Natural Green Tea]
Soft breeze blow within the green leaves in the summer afternoon. Spreading the aroma of refreshing tea leaves and lime in the air. Carrying off the annoyance, calming down our bodies and mind.
[Peach Tree]
Beautiful evening sunset decorates the sky of the summer. And the slow blowing breeze cooling down the atmosphere. With sweet and fresh peach tree fragrance soothe our tiredness.
[Rain Rose]
Rain droplets shining on the roses after a light drizzle. Spreading the lovely sweetness in the humid air. A fragrance that makes everything better.

For use in any room, your car, or directly on garments and lienes as you iron of after to freshen. Test on an inside seam prior to spraying on delicate fabrics and avoid spraying on finished wood.