Introduction to Product Development Research Institute for Product Development

cocod'or, a professional company that has been producing fragrance since 2002, is working with the nation's top researchers.

Delivers high-quality scents and the best technical skills.

We are confident that these efforts will create customer value and grow together.

* R&D dedicated space is operated separately, residing in Research / Product Development / Design Team
- Accreditation of the Corporate Research Institute, confirmation of small and medium-sized technology innovation, confirmation of small and medium-sized technology innovation, and certification of ISO 9001 quality management system

[Diffuser Shape Study]

Diffuser echo test

A Study on Material Safety and Sustainability

A Study on the Direction of Master Steer

[Courage Development]

Investigate and develop various diffuser containers, such as glass/painter/plastic

[Package Development]

Development of package materials and finishing forms suitable for the product [Type/Gold/Coating, etc.]

Product Labels and Packages Development
, Packaging Organization

Sample Production

[Web Page Creation]

Development of Product Detail Page Design.