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Free shipping on all orders over $50 in US.
Free shipping on all orders over $50 in US

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cocod’or korea

No.1 Diffuser in Korea.

Cocodor is a sensual fragrance brand that can feel the relaxed, friendly, and exotic smell of life at the same time.

Through continuous research and development, we meet customer satisfaction at the highest quality and reasonable price.


healthtoday company

This is the official company homepage of Cocodor, which produces and sells Cocodor diffuser and flower.

You can check the company , brand introduction and hiring information.


cocod’or flower

This is the online mall of Cocodor preserved flower products.

Flowered goods are selling and show continued development of products, including flower bouquets, various cards, postcards, with all flower stuff.


Health product distribution channels. A variety of offline merchandising, distribution channels as a unique line of the world.

You can create business opportunities with different competitive structure for b2b market.