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Soy Candle / Small [French Lavender]

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• Weight: 130g / Dimensions: diameter 6.5cm (Package: 8.5 x 9.9cm)
• Burn Time: 30-40 hours

Cocodor soy candles are made using plant-based soy wax extracted from soybeans and palm wax


    The fragrance has a fresh and neutral tone that is unique to French lavender as it paints the imagery of a garden full of violet lavender and is perfect for refreshment. The fragrance of French lavender is pleasant and an herbal scent with a smooth warm includes a scent similar to that of rosemary and citrus. It is much lighter than you could imagine, but feel like fresher than heavy undertone scent.


    1. When shortly using the candle, tunneling may occur. We recommend using more than three hours that melt to the edge.
    2. If soot occurs, please cut the wick about 3-5mm to use.
    3. Do not leave the room with the candle on. Be very careful as it may cause a fire